Does Altruism exist ? 

A very good blog from Gaye Moore about Altruism – do you know what it means?

Your Potentialist

Isn’t it funny how you don’t hear an unusual word – like Altruism – regularly and then it pops up twice in 48 hours!!

When starting this blogging challenge I asked people to nominate subjects or words and Helen Mioc nominated Altruism ( I wasn’t even sure I completely understood what it meant!) and 2 days later at a charity lunch for The Hope Foundation, one of the charity’s ambassadors Fiona Fullerton ( ex Bond girl and Strictly Come Dancing star) gave a very inspiring speech about how she became involved with the charity. She spoke about how at a challenging time in her life she decided that she would visit India and volunteer some time there , believing she was being completely altruistic ( the unselfish concern for other peoples welfare) – however she admitted what she was really doing was filling up a void in her life, she…

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Is my child ‘weird’ Doc?

My interest or my involvement with the spiritual world started at a very early age. I think I was about 5 (maybe before but I can’t remember) when I could hear my parents talking and being concerned about me. I was perfectly fine though! Ok, I wasn’t playing with other kids that much and I was quiet around the house but I was feeling good and I wasn’t alone either. I always felt surrounded by love and great energy and I enjoyed it a lot. My parents worries got bigger when they heard me talking in a language they couldn’t understand! Gosh, not many people know that story but the mask is off so here you go!

One of my favourite hobbies as a child was to be on the couch, intensely staring (as my mum would say it) in front of me and I was swinging my back against the couch! Wow what a thrilling and fun thing to do! It does sound weird now that I say it ‘out loud’ but hey I loved it! Mum and dad were shocked and kept on asking me why – they even brought me to the doctor to see if I was normal!? So as I was saying earlier on, it got worse when I started to talk in a different language. Mum asked me what language it was and without looking at her, I just said: ”I speak Japanese”. It amused the doctor that I remember quite well actually! He just said that it was normal at my age and that I had a very colorful imagination and that it would stop in a year or two. I have to thank the doctor though because from that day on, my parents stopped asking me if I was ok haha!

New resolution for 2015!

At last…I am finally jumping in, head first into the blogging ocean for a long and nice swim! Why? Well, it’s quite simple actually. I always liked writing – a natural way for me to express my deepest thoughts. It’s easy to do so in front of a screen, isn’t it? People don’t always have the courage to say what they think in front of other people but that’s different…I talk to this big guy called the Internet! Yeah, easy! Hm, hm, anyway, I just wanted to start blogging to tell my little story, trying to inspire other people who might feel the same as me. I’d like to talk about my spiritual journey and let people know that really there is no need to be afraid of who you are. Let’s just embrace our destiny instead! It’s too easy to give up, it’s too easy to say that you can’t do this, it’s too easy to hide behind other people, it’s too easy to stay quiet and suffer in your own corner. To that I say STOP & NO! Stand up for your beliefs and don’t be afraid – please! Reach for that goal…and you know what that goal is? You know what we all have in common? We all want to be HAPPY! Happy with our life, happy with our family, happy at work, happy with friends – we just want to feel that way. First lesson and one of the hardest by far (well at least for me), it is to love yourself! Yes people, what do you say about self-love? Is it something you think about? Do you rely on other people to love you? Have you set the bar too high? Or do you think it is not important?

You are the master, you decide!